Sunday, October 22, 2006

Eagleshead Mountain Camp


Our camp is a story in its own right. Most of the boards and beams were cut by my husband from the timbers on the family land. He taught me how to strip the bark off the logs with a peavy (you never know what you are going to learn each day) and I helped to remove the old stone wall which amounted to, I was told, about 40 ton of rocks.

Will designed and built our eight sided camp by hand, including the door and cupilo with its copper roof. Inside it is spacious but cozy, the exposed roof beams a work of art. We installed an antique wood stove to toast us in the winter and there is a small, open kitchen. He created our kitchen counter and table out of an old beachnut tree from the front lawn. There are new ones there now to replace it.

We go to camp often for its peace and quiet; sitting on the deck in the afternoons, soaking up the sun and all that energizing mountain air while we gaze over the Black River Valley, heading in later to listen to the radio and play cards. I always come home feeling renewed and ready for the weeks challenges.


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