Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Radio Flyer

I am my daughter's only parent as their father did not participate in their lives for more than a few short years. I was very young and confused, we had very little by way of material posessions ( my job didn't pay much and their father skipped on child support) but through all of this there was great love , lots of fun and many memorable moments.

I was not in posession of a car for much of their very young lives and used a bike to get to work, grocery shop and go to the laundermat. For family outings we had the wagon of all wagons, a Radio Flyer. And thanks to the card they made and gave me for my birthday this summer, all those memories came flooding back. Quick jaunts around the block, races with the wind and 8 mile walks to visit my friend. Yup, I pulled them 16 miles round trip just for a play date and a visit.

And when my youngest daughter was very ill I bundled her in the wagon and ran, panicked, all the way to the doctors on a bitter cold afternoon. By the time we arrived her fever had, mercifully, dropped from being in the the cold air. He cared for her while I quieted my pounding heart and struggled to catch my breath.

There were crashes, spills and laughter as we ventured on with our wagon, and enough memories to last a lifetime.


Blogger Tammy said...

What tender and beautifully written memories! I wish you could write my novel with your talent:) XXOO

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Richard said...

You brought back long forgotten memories of the little red wagon and the many hours of entertainment that it bought to the family. Thank you.

7:04 AM  
Blogger Betsy Shaw Mackenzie said...

What a lovely post. As a fellow mother, and Vermonster, I admire your perserverance, and your writing, and your art. I just came over from, where I write a feature blog.

8:51 AM  

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