Monday, May 26, 2008

Quilts of Love

My sister, besides being the wonderful person that she is, is also an artist with material. She is a quilter of extraordinary talents and has her own, successful business. On one of her earlier visits she told my granddaughters that she wanted to make each of them a quilt, patterns and materials of their choosing, and that she wanted to include a poem from me on the back of each one.

Last week she came for another of her much-anticipated visits, finished quilts in hand. On Saturday my daughters and granddaughters came over to visit with us and the presentation was made, to the delight of us all. Paige and Sarah were thrilled with their creations and moved by the love put into every stitch by their aunt Lynn. The poems from me, stitched into flowers on the back, made them all that more personal. The quilts are heirlooms of a very special nature and they will cherish them always.

The pomes are hidden in flowers that tie together, a most original and beautiful idea.

Here we all are, celebrating the joy of family.

Ta--da! The quilts. I forgot to mention that both quilts also have a picture of my granddaughters and me sewn in. Paige's is on the front in the center and Sarah's is on the back sewn into a flower. Paige's quilt has one added feature... she wrote four poems, one each about Earth, Wind, Water and Fire; they are incorporated into her design in the center of blocks of representative colors. There is an arrow pointing to one.
And last, the poems.

My Dear Paige (a.k.a. Doodlebug),

You are a child of deep thought
Of quiet reason
You're imagination is boundless

You have a kind nature
And you warm my heart
With your sweet presence

Time spent with you
Is a joy and a gift
And I am blessed with treasured memories

We are connected by love
We are part of one another
And I will be there with you always

You will forever be my favorite author,


My Dear Sarah (a.k.a. Shortcake),

You are a child of energy and light
Of love and kindness
You have warmed my world with your presence

Your bright intelligence
And creative mind
Capture my imagination

My incredible granddaughter
You are a part of me
My love for you knows no bounds

The times that we share
Give my life purpose and meaning
You will always be

My Boom Companion

I will be with you always,


Monday, May 19, 2008

In Dreams

I had a wonderful dream last night
It filtered through my sleep
Subconscious thoughts made all things right
A dream I'd like to keep

In my twilight world I was held no more
By bonds of chairs and wheels
I moved with freedom along the shore
Blue ocean at my heels

Salt stung wind blew through damp hair
My arms swung light and free
The fragrant tang of moist sea air
Caressed and lifted me

With morning sun my dream was spent
No longer what it seemed
But I know where my vision went
It's there within sweet dreams

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

ALS -- Hitting the Wall and Beyond

Arms that reached out to my children
Lay still in my lap
How I yearn to hold the young ones close to me
But to no avail
I ache to draw my husband into my embrace
I reach to hold on to them all
But the effort is exhausting and futile

So familiar with the joy of the dance
My legs tingle with the memory of movement
They long to run through green meadows
But remain lifeless in my chair

Sweet spring air teases my lungs
As they work for each precious breath

Insidious disease, you have stolen so much
But you cannot have my spirit
Nor steal my resolve
I may weep, but I will never forget to laugh
I may feel sadness, but I will live for the delight of the moment
I will revel in the love of family, bask in the glow of friendship
And I will survive

To all my blogging and non-blogging friends who continue to come here even when I fall behind, thank you. It isn't as easy to keep up its it was but I have no intention of giving up my blog, it is part of my survival. And to my blogging friends, I visit your blogs often. Even when I don't have the energy or opportunity to comment, I stop by to see what you have to say, what you are up to, and to look at all your wonderful photographs. Love to you all.