Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thinking of Lynn

My reconnection with my "little" sister, Lynn, has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Born when I was 10, my baby sister captured my heart and my imagination. You would think that the difference in our ages would have kept us from being playmates, but this was not the case. I enjoyed having her with me as I played in my room or out in the backyard, a towheaded, good-natured little tyke who seemed to think I was as much fun as I thought she was.

As the years went by we stay connected until circumstances, family baggage and misunderstandings intervened and we lost touch with one another. She is back in my life now and she is one of the most natural, easy people I have ever known. Joyful, honest, forthright and warm, she has a heart that is huge, an energy that knows no bounds and the soul of an angel.

Her home is a 9-hour drive from here and still she manages frequent visits. In between the times we have together, she sends packages to help brighten my days. Sometimes she sends things designed to help manage ALS, other times I'll open a box and find a movie she thinks I would enjoy or an article of bright clothing chosen to lift my spirits. The latest treasure was a hand-painted egg, covered with flowers and a trio of bunnies, to help welcome spring.

A while ago she sent me a collection of photographs she had taken of sunflowers and wanted to know if I could create some kind of a collage of my favorites for her to print out to hang on her wall. The picture above is the result... I think she likes it.

I love you, Little Sis

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Carbon Footprints

If you've been reading my blog over time then you know how passionate I am about our environment. Created from stardust over billions of years, our planet has sustained us through our evolution and continues to roll on through space in the face of our disregard.

We hear a lot now about living green and carbon footprints, information that is imperative to our survival. We hear about solar power and wind power, hybrid cars and carpooling. We are told to recycle and rebuild. The list goes on and I support and try to practice every means of conservation available to me.

And while many of you are doing the same, there is a fly in the ointment. Think back to the adds you have seen promoting a cleaner, healthier planet and see if you remember any mention of the rich and their ever bigger yachts that burn thousands of gallons of fuel on a single cruise. Or of corporate big shots and politicians who fly all over the world in private jets only to be driven from place to place in stretch limousines whose daily consumption of fuel would keep our cars going for a week. What's worse, they are usually doing it with our money.

What's good for one should be good for us all and the effort to correct what may be irreparable damage belongs to everyone who breathes our increasingly polluted air. I don't deny privilege to those who have earned it, but not to the detriment of the planet we all call home.

Why can Congress make it hard for the middle class to drive the cars they love, and at the same time do nothing about moguls burning thousands of gallons an hour in their Gulfstreams or Lursson yachts? If we're gonna stop our addiction to fossil fuels and clean the air, shouldn't the really rich play their part, too?
Ben Stein

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Thanks For Idgy

I can't talk to you about Idgy without letting you know that she was a gift. My husband's son’s wife, Jacqui, found her for me. She was born to the mother of their familie's two cats, delivered by the whole family and handed over by my granddaughter, Emily. From her arms to my lap came this incredible ball of fur on spring-loaded feet.

We are adjusting to being attacked at every turn by 1 pound of haired up fluff, kisses from a papery tongue and surprise pounces. She loves to sleep with me during the day, cuddle up in my lap, and she crashes next to Willie's head at night. I have to be cautious about open wounds so are we are teaching her, with the help of a squirt bottle full of water and a loud "NO" to be careful with her needle sharp claws. As independent as cats can be, she seems to be responding and we are making progress.

Idgy is a joy. She brings us love and provides hours of amusing entertainment and soft cuddles and she fills the house with energy.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Meet Idgy

Meet the newest member of our family, Miss Idgy. She cuddles, postures, pounces, jumps straight up in the air when she's startled, snuggles one minute and attacks the next. She's got a grand personality and we adore her. She is full of life and she makes us laugh, very strong medicine indeed.