Sunday, July 29, 2007


Like the steady pulse of the sea
Time flows inexorably onward
Moving with the rhythm of the universe
A steady beat of forward motion

Minutes become days
Years turn into centuries
With a power that is absolute
We are at its mercy

Fight time and you will be thrown upon its sands
A hollow, broken shell
Embrace it, and you will float upon its currents
Reveling in life to the end

Thank you, Anvilcloud, for permitting me to use another one of your photos as an idea for a painting.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

While I'm learning...

Just saying "Hi!" My Dragon has arrived...yeowza...and I'm in training. It will take a little while, but I'm getting there.
About the hand...I can't wave anymore, my hands flop over, so...the above has been printed out life size, my friend, Lolly, will affix it to a stick for me and, drum roll, a wave!
And for those of you who have urged me to dig back into my archives, I thought the following seemed appropriate, given the general attitude towards our government these sad and troubling days.
As elections draw near and it's all rhetoric
My thoughts often dwell on the world politic
I think of the folks up on capitol hill
And know what they're passing is seldom a Bill
Fast words and loud speeches, all promise and sass
Ring false for it seems that they're just passing gas
And when they foul up or run out of blind luck
How swift they've become at passing the buck
When caught in dark closets their affairs bear no shame
The issue is sidestepped by a quick pass of blame
When dressed in their finest they shmooze at a bash
While with deft slight of hand they're maneuvering cash
Come the day designated I'm right there to vote
But my faith in the outcome is becoming remote

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Past Post

Cathy, over at 'Looking Up' perused my blog and found this poem from my first month of blogging. She liked it (thank you, Cathy, who placed third in the Frost 2006, woo hoo!) and encouraged me to post it again.

So while I await my Dragon, here's something from the past.

Shadows lengthen
Nights grow long
Early warnings
Winter's song
Dusk comes early
Days grow cold
The changing winds
Harsh and bold
Yet beauty reigns
With morning light
A brilliant shimmer
Mantle white

Friday, July 13, 2007

Another Kind of Dragon

Before I explain the dragon, I want to thank everyone for your support and guys are nothing short of awesome!

Now the's the name of a voice activated, typing software product. We are in the process of purchasing a Dragon for me so that I may get back to blogging, commenting in more than a few, short words and my e-mail, without having to struggle. We have assistance in this endeavor, but that's another story and will be told when my Dragon breaths some fire into my hands and fingers.'s about lost sisters, newly discovered. Ooooooooh, aaaaaaaah!

Bless you all!

To Tammy, The Daily Warrior; Your poem, so filled with compassion and your indomitable spirit, has touched me deeply, thank you. Yup, I cried.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Thank You

I wanted to thank everyone personally for your kind and thoughtful comments on my post to Sarah, but I'm having a bit of a rough time at the moment. I'm not up to a lot of typing, so will say, for now, how much you have all come to mean to me and that my days wouldn't be as good as they are without you! Cheers to our blogging community!

Special thanks to Tammy (Robin) for calling and helping me through, she understands in a way no one else can. And thanks to my family, who's support is constant and true and who provide a safety net of assistance and love.

I know how difficult this all is for my precious daughters, who always used to tease me about my over abundance of energy. They are amazing women and I hope they know how proud of them I am.

As everyone knows, my grandchildren are the light in my life. They are fine, grounded children who are never daunted by our trials and share an energy and joy of living with me that is so powerful, it is a force to draw from.

And Will, who has had to leave work a number of times to come home and help. As difficult as it is, he carries on and tries hard to assuage my fears.

And to friends, thanks for your calls and your willingness to help, you are a blessing.

There is very much ahead of me that is good, this is a temporary set back, and I continue to fight to get the most out of each day. We simply have an adjustment to make and some changes; a bit of help is now needed, and when we solve that issue, we will be back on track. I am still doing better than was ever expected and intend to continue doing so.

We are trying to get some assistance in getting someone in to help, but you all know what government red tape is like, so, for now, we will take it a day at a time.

I hope to be back blogging next week; in the meantime, have a good weekend and...THANK YOU!

Pam (Batman)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Thank you, Sarah

I had a frightening and bizarre accident last week while Sarah was visiting for a few days and I would like to thank, and commend her, on her cool head in the face of misadventure.

The temperature here hit 96 degrees last Wednesday, the barometer dropped, the humidity was very high and the dew point was unbearable. This kind of weather is debilitating for someone with ALS, and the strength I do have deserted me in the face of air that felt more like water. I knew, the night before, that I wasn't right, but the full extent of my difficulties didn't come to bear until the next morning.

I am, usually, still capable of easing myself up and shifting my body from one chair to another. It takes a bit to do it, but I manage. Thursday morning, when I went into the bathroom to use the commode, I found that I could not get up. Four tries later I was still stuck in the Batchair, but unwilling to cry uncle. On the fifth try, my legs gave out and I fell. The good news is that my rear found purchase on the edge of the Batchair...the bad news is that, to quote my dear friend, Tammy, I did a faceplant in the can. The seat is a high rise handicapped rig so my face had a little height, thank God, but my arms were folded under me and I could not move.

I called to Sarah, who came in and carefully lifted me to an upright position. She didn't balk, stayed cool and saved the day. I was most impressed with her calm under fire. We then called Will and he came home from work to help me for the rest of the day and Friday. I am just now starting to manage on my own again.

Tammy has officially dubbed her Batgirl, and I concur! Oh, and Will got us an air conditioner.